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Fiber Internet: 5 Key Benefits for Your Business

The title might make you wonder, “Why are they so enthusiastic about fiber internet?” The reason is straightforward: it’s revolutionizing the way many of our clients operate, and we want your business to experience the same advantages.

Here are several ways fiber internet can enhance your business.

Exceptional Speed

To start, fiber internet connections are significantly faster than traditional cable connections, often delivering speeds up to 10 times greater. Business fiber providers offer connections as fast as 100Gbps, dramatically outperforming coaxial cable.

Enhanced Reliability

We won’t get too technical, but the technology behind fiber internet is inherently more reliable for data transmission.

Copper and coaxial connections convert data into electrical signals and transmit it through wires. This method works, but it has distance limitations and bandwidth constraints.

Fiber optic cables, on the other hand, use pulses of light (from LEDs or lasers) to transmit data. Light travels faster, covers longer distances without degrading, and supports higher bandwidth. This isn’t just marketing jargon; the underlying technology of fiber optics is fundamentally more reliable than cable.

Service Level Agreement (SLA) Reliability

Fiber networks typically offer more consistent and dependable performance, delivering speeds closer to what is advertised compared to cable. Consequently, fiber providers often offer SLAs guaranteeing certain levels of uptime and speed.

Most fiber connections boast a reliability rate of 99.99%.

Symmetrical Upload and Download Speeds

One significant benefit, especially for businesses, is the symmetrical upload and download speeds of fiber internet. Cable networks usually advertise high download speeds, like “1Gbps,” but the upload speeds are much lower. While this is acceptable for typical home use, businesses need robust upload capabilities for activities like cloud services and remote work. Fiber internet supports these needs with symmetrical speeds, greatly enhancing cloud productivity.

Dedicated Connections

Cable connections are shared among users, meaning your speed and latency can suffer if other users on your node consume a lot of bandwidth.

Some fiber connections are shared, but given the much higher bandwidth capacity, the impact is minimal. Moreover, dedicated fiber connections are available from some ISPs, offering unmatched reliability and speed without competition from other users, albeit at a higher cost.

Failover Systems

In today’s cloud-dependent world, your business can’t afford downtime. Failover systems, which provide a backup internet connection that automatically activates if your primary connection fails, ensure your business remains operational during outages. Whether it’s due to an ISP issue or physical damage to a fiber optic line, a failover system can mean the difference between a brief hiccup and a major disruption.

Modern fiber connections facilitate the setup of automatic failover systems, preserving all the other benefits of fiber internet.

With all these advantages, switching to fiber internet is an obvious choice. Contact us to begin upgrading your business’s internet infrastructure.

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