Business VoIP Phone Service in Simcoe County

Enhance Your Business Communication and Reduce Costs with Our Business VoIP Phone Service. Considering a phone system overhaul? Allow us to showcase the benefits of our business VoIP phone service, designed to elevate your telephony experience while optimizing your budget.

VoIP Business Telephones simcoe county

Contemplating a New Telephone System? Explore the Advantages of Business VoIP Phone Service for Enhanced Accessibility and Cost Efficiency in Business Telecommunications

Whether your business is in the market for a conventional analog or digital phone system, seeking standard functionalities like an auto attendant, call groups, and voicemail, or requires more sophisticated Unified Communications features such as mobile forwarding, email synchronization, and call recording, Simcoe County businesses can fulfill their telecommunications needs with state-of-the-art Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) business phones.


Power Your Phone Network

Our team of experts at IT Specialists is dedicated to elevating your customers’ perception of your business and strengthening the interactions and experiences between your customers and staff through high-quality VoIP telephone services. Leveraging an Internet connection to power your phone network significantly broadens its functionality while enhancing accessibility, allowing you to connect to your phone systems from any location with internet access.

IT Specialists offer a seamless transition to our Business VoIP Phone Service, designed to not only equip you with its myriad of advanced capabilities but also to keep you well within your technological budget.

Advanced Telecommunication Features

Our Business VoIP Phone Service provides small businesses the opportunity to leverage advanced telecommunication features traditionally reserved for larger corporations, but with scalable and cost-efficient options. These include:

As a Managed Cloud Service Provider, IT Specialists offer an extensive array of Cloud Services, including: