Bussines Continuity Service

ITSpecialists offers proactive and preventative solutions to ensure business continuity. Our comprehensive strategies safeguard your systems from potential disasters, preserving invaluable data and ensuring the continuity of your business operations.

Backup Business continuity

Looking for Reliable Data Backup Services for your Barrie Business?

Protect Your Business From Major Electronic Data Losses & Potential Shutdowns With Backup & Business Continuity Services

In Barrie, Canada, typical natural events such as snowstorms and ice storms can lead to power outages, resulting in the loss of mission-critical business data for many companies. These events left businesses without electricity, the ability to use their computer networks, or to access their data—all because they didn’t have a tested backup and business continuity strategy in place.

We analyze your business practices

ITSpecialists can help secure your business from disaster with our Backup and Business Continuity Solutions. We analyze your business practices to develop a customized Continuity Plan tailored to the needs of YOUR business, protecting you from natural and human-made disasters alike.



Backup Your Critical Business Data

Many businesses throughout Barrie have failed to backup their critical business data, thinking that computer or network failures are something that could never happen to them. But every year, businesses suffer disaster and face the terrible repercussions, including:

The cost of lost data can be substantial. Businesses both large and small must be proactive and protect their valuable data. When was the last time you verified that a full data backup was completed on your computer system?

When was the last time you verified that a full data backup was completed on your computer system?

ITSpecialists’ Business Continuity Strategies include proactive and preventative solutions designed to safeguard your systems before a disaster even happens. When a threat is detected, our protection strategy takes over, saving your data that’s worth thousands, or even millions of dollars, and most importantly, your business!

We protect your business by ensuring:

Your data is secured and backed-up daily both onsite and offsite, and encrypted to prevent misuse. Your backup processes are monitored 24/7/365 to ensure success and prevent data loss before it happens. Your business continuity solution is tested regularly to guarantee your data is safe and easily recovered. Your data can be restored quickly and efficiently, regardless of the situation.