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Who is ITSpecialists?

ITSpecialists is a technology services company providing computer and technology support, managed services, and consulting. Specializing in networks of 5-500+ users, we cater to small/medium businesses and organizations. Our core principles emphasize fair and reasonable prices and a rapid response to clients’ needs. With over 25 years of service in Simcoe County and the United States. Whether outsourcing the entire IT operation, seeking consultation, or routine/emergency support, ITSpecialists ensures expertise and efficiency in computer technology and integrated information systems.

Why Choose ITSpecialists?

Businesses often grow frustrated with IT service companies due to high costs or slow responses. ITSpecialists addresses these concerns with a commitment to fair pricing and swift responsiveness. Operating without long-term contracts, we boast competent engineers and a dedication to keeping our clients satisfied and advancing. Our straightforward approach aligns with our clients’ expectations, making ITSpecialists a reliable choice for IT solutions.

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