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Common Sense Cybersecurity: 4 Scenarios to Avoid

It’s a fact: even companies with robust cybersecurity measures can experience breaches. However, the likelihood is drastically reduced for those with sound cybersecurity practices. Most breaches stem from businesses neglecting fundamental cybersecurity principles.

It’s convenient to blame the IT team. “I don’t understand cybersecurity, and I rely on my IT team to guide me!”

This argument holds water, but only if you actually follow their advice.

For example, multi-factor authentication (MFA) can prevent 99% of identity attacks, yet many businesses decline this recommendation. Banks mandate MFA for accessing sensitive information; your business data is just as critical.

Most breaches arise from a few easily avoidable situations, underscoring the necessity of common sense cybersecurity:

Delayed Patches and Updates

Think of patches and updates as plugging holes in a ship. If neglected, your systems are riddled with vulnerabilities for attackers to exploit.

Open RDP Ports

While the technical details may seem daunting, simply understand that an open RDP port is a gateway for cyber threats. Consult your provider to ensure these ports are secure.

Absence of Multi-Factor Authentication

MFA adds an extra layer of security beyond passwords. The few extra seconds spent during login can prevent extended periods of downtime due to breaches.

Lack of GEO-IP Blocking on Firewalls and Email

If your business doesn’t operate with countries like China or Russia, block access from those regions. This simple measure can deter many hackers, making them seek easier targets elsewhere.

Cybersecurity can be complex, but implementing basic, common-sense measures can significantly enhance your resilience in today’s digital landscape.

Prioritize these fundamental cybersecurity practices. If you have a proactive IT provider, heed their recommendations. They’re likely not trying to upsell you but to safeguard your business, your reputation, and their own credibility.

For a high-level, 30-minute audit of essential cybersecurity practices, reach out (HERE) and our owner will personally contact you.

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