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Think Like A Hacker To Help Protect Your Business

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When people think about “hackers”, they picture the typical hooded figure furiously typing on a keyboard to break into networks.

However, hacking doesn’t always require guessing passwords or exploiting unpatched machines; it can commonly be social

 engineering and targeting!


Let’s think like a hacker! Here’s an example:


Imagine you were to target your own company. How would you do it?

·       You could look up your business on Google or LinkedIn to see who the decision makers are.

.    You might find a decision maker you can target!

·       You can create a free email and “pretend” to be yourself.

·       You can try to trick that decision maker into sending sensitive information, changing accounting information, or other activities that would leave your business vulnerable.


How long did those take?

Now image that was your full-time job! That is exactly why cybersecurity is such an important topic.


If your business has:

1.     Employee Cybersecurity Training

2.     Spam Filtering that can block spoofing

3.     Data Loss Prevention that prevents sensitive information from leaving the company


You’re significantly less likely to have an incident occur! Instead of not investing in these solutions and leaving your most important asset vulnerable, reach out to our team to take control of your cybersecurity.

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