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5 Pros and Cons of Partnering with a Managed Service Provider

Pros and Cons of MSP

Are you considering partnering with a Managed Service Provider but unsure where to begin? We’re here to help! Here is a straightforward list of the pros and cons of having your business collaborate with a Managed Service Provider. This is an honest assessment of the advantages and disadvantages, provided by an active Managed Service Provider.

Pros of working with a Managed Service Provider:


Gaining the resources and expertise offered by an MSP would be very costly if replicated internally. MSPs often include a dedicated cybersecurity specialist, multiple network administrators, a professional services team, provisioning team, and help desk.

Specialized and Expensive Suite of Tools

Thanks to the economies of scale from the computers and networks they support, MSPs can manage and monitor your network more effectively than an internal IT team, typically at a lower cost.

Vast Knowledge of Technology Across Multiple Locations

MSPs understand what works and what doesn’t in various environments. They are not isolated and can introduce you to new and improved technologies to enhance your business operations.

Robust Processes and Documentation

MSPs have strong processes and documentation to ensure tickets are resolved promptly. There is a mutual incentive to solve problems quickly and minimize service tickets, which requires getting things right the first time!

Ease of Scaling Up and Down

Pricing is often based on a per-endpoint or per-user basis. As your business grows, your technology spending becomes predictable, eliminating the need to hire additional IT staff who may not be fully utilized.

Cons of working with a Managed Service Provider:

Less Time with Resources

While you have access to resources, the amount of time you get is significantly less compared to having an internal team.

Limited Knowledge of Business Specifics

MSPs may not understand the intricate details of your business applications or vendor-specific nuances as well as an internal IT person would.

Significant Variation

There is considerable variation in the quality and responsiveness of MSPs. Choosing the right MSP can be challenging. Support and pricing can differ greatly! To assist with this, check out “16 Top Questions to Ask When Evaluating a New IT Provider.” The answers to these questions will provide valuable insights and help you select the right provider.


Unlike employees, who typically don’t have contracts, you might be locked into a minimum one-year contract with a provider, even if you’re unhappy with their services.

Less Direct Management of Your IT Systems

Your provider will likely use a standard set of tools. If you or your internal IT team prefer different tools, there could be a mismatch. While this is rarely an issue (since most organizations hire an MSP to avoid dealing with these choices), it can be a downside if there’s a preference to deviate from the provider’s recommendations.

After reviewing our list, do you think working with a Managed Service Provider might be the right move for your business? Still need more convincing? Reach out today for a free consultation to discuss your technology needs and goals!

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