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10 Free Microsoft 365 Tools To Immediately Improve Your Business Life

Business IT Specialists Barrie

Hey there, business moguls and office dynamos! Are you ready to get your digital ducks in a row with the kind of flair that only Microsoft 365 can provide? Let’s jazz up your workday with 10 spectacular tools that Microsoft has whipped up for your productivity pleasure, and the best part? They’re absolutely free (They’re Included in your M365 Subscription) So, roll up your sleeves and let’s turn those everyday tasks into a symphony of efficiency!


1. Microsoft Bookings

Need a virtual receptionist? Microsoft Bookings is your go-to. This scheduling savant automates your appointment booking process, making double-bookings a thing of the past. It’s like having a personal secretary who never takes a coffee break.

2. Microsoft Forms

Surveys and feedback forms just got a whole lot smarter. Microsoft Forms uses AI to help you craft that perfect questionnaire. It’s like having a mind reader at your fingertips, ready to gauge client satisfaction or employee feedback.

3. Microsoft Intune

Imagine having an IT department in your pocket. That’s Microsoft Intune for you, streamlining the management of all your devices with ease. It’s like a digital Swiss Army knife for endpoint management.

4. Microsoft List

Get your team on the same page with Microsoft List. Create, share, and track work tasks with agility. It’s the organizational wizard that turns your to-do’s into to-done’s!

5. Microsoft OneNote

OneNote is your digital notebook on steroids. Organize your meeting notes, brainstorming sessions, and research with panache. It’s like having a library in your pocket, minus the late fees.

10 Free Microsoft 365 Tools to Immediately Improve Your Life - ITSpecialists Barrie

 6. Microsoft Planner

Project management just got a glow-up with Microsoft Planner. Set up Kanban boards in a flash and get your team project-ready without the usual prep time. It’s the jumpstart your projects have been waiting for.

7. Microsoft Power BI

Turn data into decisions with Microsoft Power BI. This analytics tool gives you insights that can steer your business in the right direction. It’s like having a crystal ball, but for business analytics.

8. Microsoft To Do

To Do is your smart daily planner that helps you keep tabs on all your tasks. With personalized suggestions and reminders, it’s like having a productivity coach in your corner, cheering you on.

9. Microsoft Viva

Cultivate a powerhouse of a workforce with Microsoft Viva. It’s an engagement platform that uses AI to bring you insights on teamwork and productivity. It’s like a fitness tracker for your business’s health.

10. Microsoft Streams

Create killer presentations with video content using Microsoft Streams. Record, edit, and share videos that can communicate your message with a personal touch. It’s your in-house video production team, minus the Hollywood budget.

So, there you have it. – a roster of Microsoft 365 tools designed to catapult your business into the stratosphere of productivity. These tools aren’t just about working harder; they’re about working smarter, faster, and with a flair that’ll make your competitors green with envy.


Remember, in the hustle and bustle of business, it’s not just the early bird that gets the worm – it’s the most tech-savvy. With these free Microsoft 365 tools, you’re well on your way to becoming the productivity guru of your industry. So, what are you waiting for? Unleash these tools and watch your business thrive!

Do you have questions about which productivity and collaboration suite is right for you? For assistance with this or any other aspect of IT at your business, IT Specialists is here to help. Reach out now to get started!

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